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Located in sunny Los Angeles, California, we design products to not only solve problems and pursue opportunities, but to inspire users in their daily lives.

Our Approach to Product Design

Our Approach

Product Design Meets Product Desire

We have entered a new era in product design innovation where products are not simply judged by their utility, but by their ability to inspire the user. At Sightbox we believe that Product Design has to make way for what we call Product Desire. By designing products that, from their very first conception, contain the necessary elements to make a product that can be launched and marketed well, we reduce risk and optimize for success.

Lifie Seed

Chat for Charity.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, early-stage startup Lifie ran into an issue: its in-person meetings with influencers had to be put on hold. Our product design solution was the creation of Sharity, a charity based platform that allowed influencers to raise donations for various charities through video meetups.

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Tappy, Inc. Seed

See the apps your friends tapp.

With billions of active smartphone users worldwide, and millions of apps published every year, Tapp That App is on a mission to bring apps and the people who use them closer together. By creating a Social Homescreen, users can share the apps they have on their phones as playlists with others. Content creators can also record their own app reviews, lessons, and walk-throughs to share on their channels.

Agendcast Seed

A Smarter way to gameday.

The evolution of sports fans has been a slow and gradual process. Watching sports still relies on broadcast contracts, stadium events, and expensive season passes. GameSquad is on a mission to change that with a video chat platform that allows fans to watch live games together. Additionally, like Twitch for sports, GameSquad brings top celebrities and athletes to your living room, as they give their own play-by-play.


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