We turned data
into a detective.

When Pondera reached out to us, they had just secured a Series A round of funding and were looking to expand to new markets across the US. They were an underdog, and already had stiff competition, but their data and their platform were better and they had an edge, at least for the time being.

Our approach with them was to look further into the future and stake out a place that they could truly own for themselves, and something that gave them an advantage that would take years for others to catch up with. Our suggestion was to look towards artificial intelligence as a way of adding value to their current toolset. So rather than just helping investigators find fraud, the platform itself was finding it for them.


Hello, Pondera.

Our approach towards design was inspired by the various AI platforms and avatars being created. The Pondera Corona, as we called it, was a living breathing way of expressing the thinking that was going behind the scenes of the platform. Not only working as an assistant for its users, but it was also a valuable tool when it came to finding patterns and making assumptions that involved hundreds of comparable datasets.

While it may not turn the lights on or play music on demand, we think the future of fraud investigation just got a little bit more friendly, and a whole lot smarter.


Welcome Home.

When it came to launching the new website, we wanted people to know that they were still where they needed to be, that Pondera was still doing what they do best, only better. Our site design took a darker, more mature and serious tone, and the site now featured prominent product highlights and features, making the company feel much more in tune with the larger world of software development.


Step right up.

Pondera’s marketing is done everywhere, but one place that needed attention, in particular, was in creating an outstanding experience for trade shows. After working through different design layouts and treatments, we were able to work towards a variety of trade show booth sizes and shapes, all intended to showcase the new look and feel of the brand, as well as make it clear that the platform meant business.