Marcus Lemonis offered $10,000 to redesign Overstock’s new Beyond logo on spec. Here’s what he REALLY got.

This week, after monthslong calls for Lemonis to take over management of the company, Beyond announced Lemonis would be its executive chairman. And Lemonis revealed he’d chosen new branding for Beyond: a concept from Sightbox, a Fullerton, California-based studio that works with tech startups. Within five weeks, the studio delivered a new visual identity along with a new website.
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In the dynamic world of business, innovation and agility often define the thin line between success and stagnation. When Marcus Lemonis, the renowned entrepreneur and business-turnaround expert, embarked on a mission to rebrand Overstock’s new venture—Beyond, Inc.—he did so with a vision that was both ambitious and unorthodox. A recent article by Fast Company on this venture might have cast a negative apparatus on Lemonis’ approach. However, we want to spotlight the deeper level behind the process and outcomes, which revealed a narrative teeming with creativity, strategic insight, and resounding success.

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A Bold Move Pays Off

The journey began with an open challenge, a branding contest that invited creative minds to reimagine the Beyond logo for a $10,000 prize. This move, far from being a mere stunt, was a testament to Lemonis’ belief in democratizing opportunities and his trust in the power of collective creativity. Out of this bold initiative emerged a partnership with Sightbox, where we not only won the contest but also captured Lemonis’ vision for Beyond with remarkable acuity.

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Sightbox: Beyond Just a Design Agency

Our involvement didn’t stop at the logo; it was the beginning of a transformative journey for Beyond, Inc. Within an astonishingly brief period of less than 30 days, Sightbox overhauled the entire brand and its sub-brands, culminating in a new website that was launched in time for the company’s earnings call on February 20. This feat was not just about meeting a deadline, but about embodying the essence of what Beyond stands for: innovation, speed, and forward-thinking.

Unwavering Satisfaction and Praise

The outcome was not just a new logo or a revamped website; it was a rejuvenated brand identity that resonated with both the company’s vision and its audience. Marcus Lemonis and his executive team at Beyond have been vocal about their satisfaction with Sightbox’s work. The praise from Lemonis and his team underscores a successful partnership that went beyond transactional interactions to one that was truly collaborative and symbiotic.

Hinojosa says Lemonis was drawn to his studio’s fast-paced work with startups and described the chairman’s vision of the company as more like a startup than a traditional public company. Lemonis says he was happy with the results of his design contest.
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Modern communication through social media unlocks relationships that no one could predict. Our company found gold in the mine with Sightbox who has allowed us to accelerate our strategy at a pace we couldn’t have achieved on our own. When value is provided, relationships are built. When that value equates to results, that relationship becomes sticky.

Marcus Lemonis, Executive Chairman of the Board

The Real Takeaway

The narrative spun by Fast Company may have focused on the unconventional approach taken by Lemonis to find a design agency. However, the real story here is about visionary leadership, the breaking of traditional molds, and the celebration of creativity and execution. Our case study on the Beyond rebranding offers an extensive look into the strategic thought process, the creative journey, and the meticulous execution behind the scenes.

My Personal Takeaway

In my journey co-founding Sightbox, I’ve learned that innovation often requires us to challenge conventional wisdom. When Marcus approached the rebranding of Beyond, Inc., he wasn’t looking for a budget solution; he was seeking a partnership that could bring his vision to life in a way that resonated deeply with both the brand’s ethos and its audience. The narrative that emerged from Fast Company, suggesting that the new chairman of the former discount retailer went the “budget route” for its new corporate image, misses the essence of our collaboration. The $10,000 prize for the branding contest was not about finding a “budget” option but about opening the door to a relationship where both parties could bring immense value to the table.

Sightbox is by no means a budget agency. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and strategic insight goes well beyond the confines of traditional pricing models. The partnership with Marcus and Beyond, Inc. was a testament to mutual recognition of value, where the financial aspect was inconsequential compared to the wealth of creativity, strategic alignment, and shared vision that flowed between us. It was, without a doubt, a win-win situation. We both got way more than we paid or bargained for, setting a new benchmark for what it means to truly collaborate in the business world. This experience has reinforced my belief that when visionaries come together, the potential for innovation is limitless.

The logo Sightbox created for the brand isn’t going to win any awards or join the Nike Swoosh or McDonald’s Golden Arches in the pantheon of iconic brand marks. But in graphic design, sometimes you get what you pay for.
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