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Web3 is almost here, and with it comes a new promise for how we use the web. At Sightbox, we’re investing in this future through our Web3D Initiative to ensure that we’re not only prepared but also participants.

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We're betting on more than just doge.

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We’re entering one of the biggest shifts in digital history: the transition from Web 2.0 to Web3. And we’re ready to make it happen. We’ve been engaged in the crypto space since the beginning and we’ve helped Web3 brands understand their offering in the space.


We believe that the future of the web will be distributed, open, and shared amongst the community. This way, technology, and commerce will be less consolidated, and open-source standards will allow more early-stage innovation worldwide.


We believe that Web3 will allow for truly disruptive technologies and solutions. While innovation has brought about the digitization of many legacy systems, we think that Web3 represents a shift in ability that can give rise to new economies.


We believe that informed by the global impact technology has on the world, Web3 represents an opportunity to further democratize data. Rather than seeing technology as a challenge to cultures, we see it as a catalyst for positive change.


As we embark on this new journey, we want to equip you with a way to decipher the cryptic world of crypto: introducing the Web3 Bible.



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Team Sightbox understood our needs from the start. The team accommodated our requests, guided us through the stages, helped with copy and creative, were super flexible, and responded quickly. Instead of just finding a good vendor, we found a great partner.
Ohad Hecht
Co-Founder & CEO
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If you're looking for top-tier branding with the agility of a smaller agency, look no further! I've worked with Sightbox on two website projects and would hire them again without hesitation. They deliver high-quality work on time and on budget!
Dana Dohse
VP of Marketing
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