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Your portfolio deserves more than just another agency. At Sightbox, we not only understand the risks and rewards of venture capital, but we also answer that uncertainty with brave brands that make a difference.

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Power to the portfolio.

Empowering startups to achieve their full potential through comprehensive branding, strategy, and design.

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We help fast-growing startups understand the why behind their vision, and leverage those principles into a brand that says it all.

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Before your startup can reach its potential, it needs to know its strengths. We help find them and build them.

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We work alongside portfolio companies to develop transformative user experiences that change users and companies alike.

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Every founder knows that what’s under the hood matters most. We develop everything in-house, with clean custom code.

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Product Design

We’ve developed apps of our own and know what it takes to solve customer problems seamlessly. Make design your differentiator.

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Our design team can tackle anything from digital assets to collateral to social media and beyond. Create a single brand ecosystem.

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We help organize and execute plans for launches and updates, including PR, social media, and video assets.

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We approach our campaigns like you approach products: we ship fast and we ship often. From social media to live events, we cover it all.

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Company Culture

Building a brand is best when it’s done from the inside out. We bring a startup’s mission, vision, and values to life for a better workplace.


Fearless funders.

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Sightbox is the first and only call I make, and the only referral I make to other founders.
Matt Blodgett
Founder and General Partner
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Sightbox is my one-stop shop for cool messaging, great branding, and tech foundation to get going fast and efficiently. I encourage all my startups to team up with Sightbox.
Armin Dressler
Founder and CEO
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Sightbox has been a big part of my portfolio. They brought great design and insights to our companies, and the results have been amazing. Add to the fact that they’re fun to work with, and it’s a dangerous combo for any VC.
Ben Metcalfe
Founder and Managing Partner
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Sightbox has been my go-to partner for branding strategy, website development, and has collaborated with me on numerous events within the AI community in Silicon Valley. They helped me create the global brand ‘Llama Lounge’ Event Series, which thousands of AI founders know and recognize. The team excels in design, is easy to work with, and is always friendly. I highly recommend them.
Jeremiah Owyang
Organizer of Llama Lounge AI Event Series, Global Speaker, and General Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures
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Blitzscaling Ventures logo
Blitzscaling Ventures logo
Blitzscaling Ventures logo
Blitzscaling Ventures logo

Where we're going we don't need roads.

At Sightbox, we believe that AI startups have an opportunity to do more than just create impressive technology. With proper branding, they have the chance to become leaders, innovators, and category definers – not just another bot.
Web3 is almost here, and with it comes a new promise for how we use the web. At Sightbox, we’re investing in this future through our Web3D Initiative to ensure that we’re not only prepared but also participants.

Let us give vision to your venture.