A New Vision for Growth-Stage Startups in the Era of AI.

At Sightbox, we’re delving into how generative artificial intelligence is reshaping the startup world, prompting us to develop a strategic response called “Promise Market Fit”.

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Idea Stage
Early Stage
Growth Stage
Transformation Stage

Problem Market Fit

We assist founders in realizing the vision for their venture by extensively exploring new opportunities. Our goal is to discover solutions that address a consumer pain point, are possible, and have the highest potential for creating impactful change.

Through strategic brand and product design, we develop prototypes and brand narratives for different solutions to achieve Problem Market Fit and secure pre-seed funding.

Product Market Fit

For startups seeking Product-Market Fit, we assist founders and teams in aligning their product with their target customers.

Through strategic brand and product design, we bridge the gap between user experience and user expectations, resulting in a smoother and more predictable sales process. Once Product-Market Fit is achieved, we provide support in acquiring new customers, servicing existing customers, and securing Series A funding and beyond.

Promise Market Fit

For companies looking to grow, we have developed a new milestone called Promise Market Fit. We aim to go beyond simply solving a problem and instead focus on serving a purpose. We also strive to go beyond just offering a product and instead pursue a passion.

By then combining purpose and passion through strategic brand and product design, we can establish a stronger connection with your community, enabling growth beyond the usual trajectory. Moreover, our approach is organic, ensuring continued returns over time rather than short-lived successes.

Progress Market Fit

For established companies seeking transformation, whether through new products, services, or markets, we apply the same principles and techniques we use for startups to larger-scale organizations.

By employing strategic brand and product design, we collaborate with both new and existing teams to not only identify new opportunities, but also strike a balance between these efforts and the existing company and community. This approach helps us find a pathway to growth that is based on powerful innovation and compelling communication.

Sightbox Ecosystem
Our brand marketing agency built by founders, for founders.
Our collection of our in-house startups.
Our startup accelerator program powered by design.

At Sightbox we believe that startups are dangerous. More than just new companies, they’re economic and cultural catalysts. We not only respect this threat, we focus it into a brand that is as fearless as the people behind it.


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April 19 2017

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Where we're going we don't need roads.

At Sightbox, we believe that AI startups have an opportunity to do more than just create impressive technology. With proper branding, they have the chance to become leaders, innovators, and category definers – not just another bot.
Web3 is almost here, and with it comes a new promise for how we use the web. At Sightbox, we’re investing in this future through our Web3D Initiative to ensure that we’re not only prepared but also participants.

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We see ourselves as much more than just a studio, but as a family of like-minded, kind and talented people who love to collaborate and make awesome sh*t together.

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If you're looking for top-tier branding with the agility of a smaller agency, look no further! I've worked with Sightbox on two website projects and would hire them again without hesitation. They deliver high-quality work on time and on budget!
Dana Dohse
VP of Marketing
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Sightbox has been a great gap filler at our growing startup. Besides their expertise, they’ve worked more like an extension of our team and not as a vendor. I’d highly recommend Sightbox for understanding the speed and nuances of a technology startup.
Sid Surry
Head of Marketing
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