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Palo Alto, CA


Superlayer is a Web3 Venture Studio that is bringing the next 100 million consumers to crypto. They had just launched an array of new products and received $20 million in investments from very reputable tech and cultural leaders. Now, the founders wanted to quickly develop an updated brand and website to show their investors and new customers the winning track record of Superlayer.


Superlayer wanted to refresh its brand and update their website. The challenge was how to convey their unique position in an industry that many people still don’t understand yet. Superlayer wanted to ensure that the message, the identity, and its goals were crystal clear to show its investors and future customers the power of the organization.

Because our value proposition is so radically different, we needed to find a way to meaningfully communicate the Superlayer vision. It needed to be powerful enough to generate interest while clearly reflecting the values of our distinct offering of founding, funding, and following through to build premium Web3 consumer projects.

Mahesh Vellanki
Co-Founder, Superlayer


Because of Superlayer’s willingness to prioritize strategy, we developed an iterative plan that allowed us to quickly map out a revamp for the company. We spent time with the co-founder and marketing team to craft a clearer value proposition and focus for the company, one built on sustainable growth. From there, we built a strong verbal and visual brand identity system that complimented it.

The brand identity was modern with a sophisticated, yet vibrant aesthetic. We worked to define the vibe of the brand, while adapting independently designed assets to create a suite of varied visual content that brought together the precision of crypto with the vast potential of consumer culture.

In addition to the visual identity, we worked with Superlayer to create a new verbal identity guide around the new brand positioning. This included an updated Voice and Tone, Manifesto, and Messaging.

Finally, we designed and built the website, incapsulating the new Superlayer direction and brand identity. We launched a minimalist website, with simple navigation, clear typography and beautiful design to ensure that the new platform was easy to understand and use.


The results from the new website have been outstanding, with buzz from investors and the studio itself. Web traffic and press inquiries have increased significantly.

The new website has given our brand a much-needed boost, both in the minds of customers and the industry as a whole. Whenever we receive a signup, it is a validation that our website is relatable, trustworthy, and engaging

Tony Pham
VP Marketing, Superlayer