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Tel Aviv, Israel


Noosa is a venture-backed business that is revolutionizing the way new luxury goods are brought to market. Starting with a “clean slate”, the business proposition is to create a brand and know-how, which will bring to market designer goods at half the time than traditional approaches and keep consistent pricing throughout the year. With new products coming to market ever quarter, the fashion industry is possibly the most perfect example of a business that can benefit from such an offering.


Noosa had finally found its product-market fit, and it was time for them to go after major clients. Their current website was outdated, and no longer represented what the company was focused on. With a new vision of the future, it was time for a complete overhaul.

You own the customer experience. Shouldn’t you own finance, too? Offer new ways for customers to pay, all aligned with your brand.

"We needed to redefine our visual identity if we wanted to attract the best talent, investors, and partners," said Dana Dohse, CMO of Cleartrace. "However, we didn't have the internal capacity to create a new identity and website that would make our company stand out."


Noosa partnered with Sightbox to create an entirely new website that would reflect the company’s vision and capture the attention of the fashion industry. We brought our full suite of services to Noosa, including Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Experience, and Brand Management. As the centerpiece of our work together, we built the value proposition around “Branded Finance,” highlighting the ability for brands to customize the buying experience through uniquely curated financing options.

We couldn't be happier with the with Noosa, and we're looking forward to continuing to help them grow their business."

Alon Farhy
Founder, Noosa


The new Noosa website was a success and was launched on time and within budget. Prospect and customer perception of the new Noosa brand is off the charts. Noosa has been able to make even greater introductions into the luxury goods category and new deals and new opportunities have been accelerating ever since the launch.

The success of the project has allowed Noosa to reach its mission of transforming how luxury fashion goods are brought to market and to become a leader in the industry. The website has been successful in helping developers explore the Noosa platform, sign up for an account, and get to know the product in a more engaging way.

Overall, the partnership between Noosa and Sightbox resulted in the successful launch of a modern and innovative website and brand that was able to reach the company’s goal of becoming a leader in the fashion industry.