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Be the envy of the valley.

The mind is a very competitive place. At Sightbox, we understand brand equity and its importance to your company’s value.

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Everything from AI to XYZ

We assist everyone from founders to funders. Our expertise spans startups specializing in developing innovative technologies, including AI, crypto, and more.

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We help fast-growing startups understand the why behind their vision, and leverage those principles into a brand that says it all.

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Before your startup can reach its potential, it needs to know its strengths. We help find them and build them.

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We work alongside portfolio companies to develop transformative user experiences that change users and companies alike.

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Every founder knows that what’s under the hood matters most. We develop everything in-house, with clean custom code.

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Product Design

We’ve developed apps of our own and know what it takes to solve customer problems seamlessly. Make design your differentiator.

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Our design team can tackle anything from digital assets to collateral to social media and beyond. Create a single brand ecosystem.

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We help organize and execute plans for launches and updates, including PR, social media, and video assets.

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We approach our campaigns like you approach products: we ship fast and we ship often. From social media to live events, we cover it all.

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Company Culture

Building a brand is best when it’s done from the inside out. We bring a startup’s mission, vision, and values to life for a better workplace.

Case Study


Superlayer is a Web3 Venture Studio that is bringing the next 100 million consumers to crypto. They had just launched an array of new products and received $20 million in investments from very reputable tech and cultural leaders. Now, the founders wanted to quickly develop an updated brand and website to show their investors and new customers the winning track record of Superlayer.

Million Users to Crypto
Million in Investments


We believe that AI is going to change the world. From economics to the arts, all aspects of the human experience will be affected by this new era of technology. Through this transition, we embrace three key pillars when building AI Brands.


Artificial Intelligence is a new frontier. What seemed impossible a year ago is now coming out of beta. It is key for AI Brands to see further ahead and anticipate where their technology will go.


What makes Artificial Intelligence so compelling is its ability to augment human capabilities. For AI Brands, being accessible to the world, and the tech ecosystem, is key to growth.


Beyond being transformational, AI Brands must also be transparent. Not only do they need to follow strong ethical guidelines, they need to help pioneer them.


Fearless founders.

Superlayer logo
Because our value proposition is so radically different, we needed to find a way to meaningfully communicate the Superlayer vision. It needed to be powerful enough to generate interest while clearly reflecting the values of our distinct offering of founding, funding, and following through to build premium Web3 consumer projects.
Mahesh Vellanki
Co-Founder, Superlayer
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Team Sightbox understood our needs from the start. The team accommodated our requests, guided us through the stages, helped with copy and creative, were super flexible, and responded quickly. Instead of just finding a good vendor, we found a great partner.
Ohad Hecht
Co-Founder & CEO
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We love working with people who aren’t afraid of causing a stir. Feel free to reach out to one of our partners so we can make some trouble together.