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Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Series C


Photonic is a leading name in the world of photonics technology, known for its state-of-the-art products and innovative solutions. With its main website serving as the front face of the company, Photonic had established itself as a trusted source in the industry. However, as the market evolved, it was essential for Photonic to keep pace and ensure that its brand image and user experience reflect its standing as an industry leader.


Photonic’s main website had served the company well, but as the company expanded and the industry changed, the website needed to evolve. The previous design and user experience did not fully capture the essence of the brand and its innovative solutions. Moreover, the content of the website needed a refresh to accurately represent the company’s values, goals, and offerings.


Photonic chose to collaborate with Sightbox to rejuvenate its brand and online presence. Sightbox, with its expertise in branding and user experience, worked meticulously to create a new brand strategy and theme for Photonic.

A new UX (User Experience) design was conceived to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for the visitors. The new UX was complemented by a fresh visual theme that aligned with Photonic’s brand identity.

Additionally, Sightbox undertook copywriting to make sure that the content on the website is not only informative but also resonates with Photonic’s values and goals. This involved creating compelling content that effectively communicates Photonic’s mission, products, and services.


The relaunch of Photonic’s main website was met with widespread acclaim from both the industry and its customers. The new brand strategy, coupled with an engaging UX and visual theme, breathed new life into Photonic’s online presence.

While it is still early to assess the long-term impact, Photonic has received positive feedback for the improvements made to the website. The new content has been praised for its clarity and alignment with the company’s vision. Photonic expects that these changes will contribute to strengthening its brand image and further establishing itself as a leader in photonics technology.

The collaboration with Sightbox has been an instrumental step in Photonic’s ongoing journey to innovate and serve its customers with cutting-edge photonics solutions.