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Austin, Texas
Series B

About is a startup that provides innovative logging, tracing, and analytics solutions. Their goal is to make it easier for developers to build better applications for their customers. Cleartrace’s journey began in 2017, when a group of engineers decided to create a service that integrates with existing logging and tracing frameworks.


Cleartrace was at a critical juncture in its history, and was starting to realize the value of an effective visual identity. Their previous website was outdated and not representative of their current goals as a company, and they didn’t have the resources to create a new brand identity or build a new site.

We needed to redefine our visual identity if we wanted to attract the best talent, investors, and partners," said Dana Dohse, CMO of Cleartrace. "However, we didn't have the internal capacity to create a new identity and website that would make our company stand out.


Cleartrace partnered with Sightbox to create a compelling brand that includes inspiring imagery, technical illustrations, and a new brand identity system. Sightbox created a full visual system that extended beyond just a redesigned website. They created consistent branding materials, including logos, business cards, and content components that help make the website more visually engaging.

Sightbox also designed a powerful website that focused on clearly communicating the value of Cleartrace to potential clients and investors. They crafted a compelling story about Cleartrace and what the company does, and used bold visuals and design to draw visitors into the content.


Soon after the new brand and site were launched, Cleartrace was able to raise a Series B round worth $20 million in venture capital. The new website and brand identity had an immediate impact on the company’s ability to attract investors, partners, and talent. Notably, they saw a 300% increase in web traffic just one month after the website’s launch.

Million Series B
% Team Growth
% Increase / Traffic

"We never expected to see such an overwhelming reaction to our website and branding," said Dana Dohse. "It's been incredibly rewarding to see how much of an impact the work Sightbox did has had on our business."

Dana Dohse
VP of Marketing