Our Approach

Product design with a purpose.

Located in sunny Los Angeles and Orange County, California, we design products to not only solve problems and pursue opportunities, but to inspire users in their daily lives.

Our Approach to Product Design

Our Approach

Product Design Meets Product Desire

We have entered a new era in product design where products are not simply judged by their utility, but by their ability to inspire the user. At Sightbox we believe that Product Design has to make way for what we call Product Desire. By designing products that, from their very first conception, contain the necessary elements to make a product that can be launched and marketed well, we reduce risk and optimize for success.


Design Research
User Research and Testing
Challenge Mapping
Opportunity Mapping
Product Strategy
Product Roadmaps


Brand Identity
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Prototype Design
Product Demos
Design Systems


Launch Planning and Management
Marketing Strategy
Campaign Concepts
Creative Development
Media Consulting
User Feedback
Community Management

🔴Boxlunch: Episode 22

What is product design?

In this episode, we discussed what product design is and will become. Building Products has been an evolving process, and at Sightbox we’re excited to share with you our perspective and approach to Product Desire.

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