It AI’nt Over Till It’s Over: SF is back!

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Midjourney + Adobe Firefly

As the world continues to navigate the digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Every day, we see new advancements and innovative applications of this technology. And at the heart of this evolution, San Francisco stands as the epicenter of AI.

The Launch of Adobe Firefly

One of the most notable developments in the recent past has been the launch of Adobe Firefly, an AI software that is revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence. Developed by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, Firefly takes a decentralized approach to AI, relying on Adobe’s stock library as a source for the images it uses.

Unlike previous AI models, you don’t need Discord or any knowledge of community or social messenger platforms. You simply need to log in or sign up for Adobe to use the beta of Adobe Firefly. This software is not one tool but a set of generative AI models created to work with Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of apps.

Adobe Firefly is built on Adobe’s previous AI model, Sensei, which has been incorporated into Photoshop and other Adobe software to improve productivity and remove some of the more complicated or repetitive tasks associated with digital art as well as video and photo editing.

The software has several surprising features, including a collaboration tool that allows multiple artists to work on the same image at once. Other features coming to Photoshop that are enabled by Firefly include the ‘expand’ tool that enables you to turn a portrait or aspect of a painting or photo into a full landscape.

Adobe Firefly is ethical and ensures to check for any biases that could be harmful. A ‘Do Not Train’ tag can be selected and added to any art you use with Adobe Firefly, allowing users to opt out of having their art used as part of the data set to train the AI.

ADOBE FIREFLY: The Future of AI Video Editing!

The Arrival of Blink Copilot

In addition to Adobe Firefly, the AI industry recently welcomed another innovative tool: Blink Copilot. This no-code security operations workflow tool utilizes large language models (LLMs) to enable users to build workflows simply by typing a description.

Blink Copilot can understand your prompt and generate a workflow based on your description. For example, if you enter the prompt, “For each issue in Wiz, open a ticket in ServiceNow for the relevant event engineer, and tell them they have 48 hours to fix it,” it would create a workflow based on this description.

Despite its simplicity, the tool is designed to be checked by humans before publishing to ensure that the workflow is correct and safe to use. Blink Copilot was officially made available on May 18, 2023.

Introducing Blink Copilot: The First Generative AI for Security Workflows

SF Llama Lounge Events

At Sightbox, we’re excited to be part of this growing AI ecosystem, and we’re committed to fostering a vibrant community of AI innovators. We recently sponsored the second Llama Lounge event in San Francisco, where a variety of AI startups showcased their innovative product demos. The events are hosted by our friend/strategic partner Jeremiah Owyang.

This event featured a TED-style talk from Ben Parr, President and Co-founder of Octane AI, on the “Future of AI.” We were fortunate to host several AI startups for product demos, including Passio AI, Pandatron .ai, Kraftful, AudioShake, Blitz, Tracksy, Arize, Relevance AI, Soar, and Scispace.

Looking ahead, we invite you to join us for the third Llama Lounge event in June. In keeping with our commitment to supporting AI startups, we’re providing a demo table at no cost. If you’re interested in showcasing your startup, please apply to demo here:

The upcoming event will host an impressive lineup of AI startups on the Demo Floor, including PentoPix, Moon Personal Assistant, GitWit, Portkey, Butternut AI, SubtlAI, MovieChat, Conversa, Carewell, and OpenSlot. If you’re an AI startup looking to showcase your product, we encourage you to apply for an open slot. We’re excited to see what the future of AI holds and are proud to be a part of its journey.

"San Francisco is fuckin' back!"
Jeremiah Owyang

It’s only just begun…

It’s clear that AI continues to evolve, with new tools being developed to tackle a wide range of challenges and opportunities. As these advancements continue, San Francisco remains a hub for innovation, leading the way in the world of AI.