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Menlo Park, California


Agendcast was founded with a mission to bring people together through sports. With the proliferation of video on demand, live sports has been one of the last live events that people need to be together to truly enjoy. Agendcast wanted to create a social network centered around watching live sports together with friends.


To create a minimum viable product (MVP) that could be developed quickly and tested. The MVP needed to be an experience that was simple, mobile-first and easy to use. It also needed to be able to scale quickly and easily, with additional features that could be added or removed at any time.


Sightbox’s Brand Development process began by researching the market and understanding user needs. We then analyzed existing market trends to generate ideas and ideate the best possible product experience.

We focused on creating an MVP using the Agendcast’s existing technology stack, to make sure it was developed quickly and tested. We then designed a TikTok-like experience for live sports. Users could set up their own squads and invite their friends to join the live video chat during the scheduled gametime.

We developed sportscaster functionality for those who want to put on their own simulcast during the games, offering their own play-by-play. We also made it possible for professional personalities and athletes to create their own shows and promote them on social media, to bring their millions of fans into the game with them.


The MVP of Gamesquad was released in Q4 of 2022 and has been focused on growth and optimization, as well as investment. Interest from professional athletes and coaches in the NLF has already led to their participation in the seed round.

"The product has had significantly positive feedback from users and is continuing to grow in popularity."

Josh Arias