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Tugboat Logic

Burlingame, California


Tugboat Logic is an automated security tool that creates centralized security policies from a user’s codebase, and then scans for potential vulnerabilities across any language. Tugboat Logic wanted to rapidly expand and be a stronger contender in the market, but their existing design wasn’t giving them the level of sophistication and credibility they needed for their target customers.


Tugboat Logic came to Sightbox in search of a larger design overhaul. What had started as a few website updates quickly became a comprehensive brand redesign. Tugboat Logic needed an identity that appealed to the thought leaders of their industry — the Chief Information Security Officers and security-minded engineers.

The undercurrent of these changes was to move us away from a haphazard design and to become a serious player in the security space. This was especially important as we were in the process of being acquired.

Shannon Dougall
CMO, Tugboat Logic


We started our work by creating a strategic foundation for Tugboat Logic — their vision, mission and value proposition — from which their identity and communications had to emanate. We landed on “Be more than compliant, be confident” as the central tenant for the rebrand.

From there, Sightbox created a visual identity system that involved a more elevated color palette, as well as updated typography. We added custom illustrations that incorporated simplified User Interfaces from the platform itself, to add a light-hearted touch.

Our team then launched a new website that acted as the vessel for the new brand. The new website was structured with customer decision-making in mind, making it easier for sales and outreach. Additionally, the website was built with wider coverage of SEO practices, therefore performing up to 80 percent better than the previous version.

We were then retained to continue building out the rest of the brand, creating templates for marketing pieces, social campaigns, and company communications.


The results from the rebrand and website launch were outstanding. Site traffic increased, and so did conversions. That update helped so well that six months after the rebrand, Tugboat Logic was acquired by OneTrust to become part of their compliance portfolio for an undisclosed amount in 2020.

The rebrand explicitly answered a key problem that was preventing acquisition growth and improved our message for customers who already spoke to us.

Tyler Munro
Marketing Director, Tugboat Logic